Thunder Toffee Vodka 700ml

Thunder Toffee Vodka 700ml

Thunder offers its orientation to the French ski resort of Val D’isere, toffee flavored vodka mixes have been and are still to this day, rife in their experimentation in the bars and restaurants. It is not until Scream Retail launched Thunder Toffee + Vodka, that a recipe had been developed that satisfies in both vodka strength and toffee syrup delicacy. Thunder is exactly that, it’s the culmination of many years of mixing and meticulous preparation to find the perfect consistent toffee + vodka spirit drink, which could be bottled, branded and introduced to the drinks industry. Free from any unnatural additives or preservatives, it has been made from a triple distilled grain vodka and a completely natural toffee syrup, made simply from pure melted cane sugar, Less is more. 

The simplicity of the ingredients makes all the difference when retaining that subtle combination of creamy toffee against Ice-cold vodka. Scream retail Limited, The company behind the innovation, was created and founded by managing director, Jon Lilly, veteran and one-time bar manager of the famous G-Jays bar in Val D’isere. Jon wanted to create a premium brand that will stand the test of time and what a triumph it has been. Thunder is widely available throughout the UK, being listed with many of the biggest drinks distributors. So Maybe it should now be named the Mountains worst kept secret… 

Thunder has hit the bar and club scene in the UK, just when British products are trending in the night clubs and bars… Thunder is now the must have party mixer and notorious for being the best of its kind. Thunder has triumphed in the media too, winning gold for three consecutive years for best flavored spirit at the Vodka Masters. So we know Thunder is getting the recognition it deserves trade side and having the backing from the English bar & Club Scene gives Thunder that special edge. Thunder is ever changing and growing; if you would like to keep up with all of the latest news, on stockists, distribution, news and events please sign up to our mailing list and keep connected on our social network pages. If you would like to contact one of the Thunder team, please see our contact page for details. 

29.9% Alc


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