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7 Whisky drinks that could help cure your cold

    When you’re stuffed up and sick, there’s nothing better than a fragrant and boozy hot toddy. And it turns out that’s not just because of the cocktail’s mood-lifting effects. According to a doctor interviewed by ABC, “The alcohol dilates blood vessels a little bit, and that makes it easier for your mucus membranes to deal with the infections.” So while a cocktail won’t heal you, it can help your body heal itself. (Of course, too many cocktails will have varied negative health effects; practice moderation.)Here, seven whiskey cocktails to help dilate your blood vessels and put you on the...

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Whiskey's Wave Keeps Rolling

The ancient spirit takes many forms from Irish to Bourbon or rye; and from Scotch to Japanese, Don Kavanagh unravels the methods, flavors and stories. Posted Tuesday, 03-Feb-2015 "Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough." Mark Twain wasn't just an author and raconteur, it turns out he was something of a prophet too; whether it's Irish or Scotch, Canadian or Japanese, Bourbon or rye, whiskey is undergoing an unprecedented growth spurt. Ireland and the U.S. can't make the stuff fast enough, Scotland is in danger of being left behind and Japan has become an unlikely star....

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Whisky and More blog Lighthouse Gin - great kiwi product

    There is a lot of water between Martinborough and the United States, but hopes are high that the first shipment of Wairarapa-made Lighthouse Gin will make waves when it hits American shores. About 600 six-packs of the spirit are on their way to US restaurants and stores this month, with a new label and the financial muscle of US businessman Bill Foley behind it. Foley's NZX-listed Foley Family Wines company bought the brand and recipe for the gin six months ago from Greytown distiller Neil Catherall. Catherall still acts as a consultant and his assistant Rachel Hall continues...

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Set free in the Glenfiddich blending room

    In the blending room at the Glenfiddich Distillery in Scotland, master blender Brian Kinsman has placed some 20 samples of rare cask whiskies on a bench.As the guardian of the whisky ledgers, or recipe books, for William Grant & Sons, the revered Kinsman is responsible for maintaining the traditional flavours of not only Glenfiddich, but also Grants and Balvenie, among others.Yet the samples he has put before me and five other Australians have been selected from the private collection of casks that Peter Gordon - the great, great grandson of William Grant who built Glenfiddich some 130 years...

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Which whisky - single malt or a blend?

    Whisky is not, and has never been, just whisky. There's Scotch and Irish, rye and bourbon, and even regional divisions between whisky and whiskey. By far the most polarising schism, though, separates drinkers of single malts and blends. The former believe blend drinkers to be an inferior species who get around the suburbs in Holden Commodores and enjoy Mathew Reilly novels. The latter deride the single malt crowd as urban snobs with ironic facial hair and an unhealthy obsession with tweed. Single malts hold the social high ground, attracting a perception of higher cost, greater refinement and better...

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