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Stones Mac Ginger Wine 750ml

Stones Mac Ginger Wine 750ml

Grapes used in the production of the Stone's Special Reserve are sourced from our own vineyard estates and premium, carefully selected growers. Following crushing and fermentation the base wine is clarified to provide a delicate white wine base. Meanwhile, Ginger roots of the finest quality have been infusing in high strength spirit. This is then added to the base wine and a few "secret" processes performed to create this new, powerful Ginger elixir.

Not for the faint hearted, this super premium version of Stone's Ginger Wine is a brilliant, deep golden brown in colour. Intense, pungent ginger and spice aromas hint at what lies within. On the palate up front, fiery ginger flavours are balanced by a rich, unctuous sweetness. The wine finishes extremely long with powerful ginger, caramel and spice flavours. Super "on the rocks", as a mixer or blended with soda water for a spirited version of dry ginger ale.


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