Plantation 20th Anniversary 700ml

Plantation 20th Anniversary 700ml

"This extraordinary vintage was introduced to mark the 20th anniversary of Maison Ferrand. An assemblage of fine rums 12 - 20 years old, all originating in Barbados, this is a wonderful reflexion of the island itself.

As with the other rums in the Plantation range, this exotic spirit is aged first in its original country, Barbados, and then benefits with further aging and nurturing in Cognac. Resting in casks originally used for Pierre Ferrand cognac, and meticulously nurtured by Cellar Master of Maison Ferrand, a unique expression is achieved using traditional local methods."

Intensely marshmallow-like; fragrance of vanilla, cocoa and milk chocolate.

Cinnamon-like and gently sweet, as the sugary molasses taste turns very soft and chewy

Spice cake, rum-flavored chocolates and sugar cookies.

Medium-long, delicate and only mildly sweet.

40% alc

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