Matsui Mizunara Cask Whisky 700ml

Matsui Mizunara Cask Whisky 700ml

95/100 Jim Murray 2020 Whisky Bible

Winner Japanese Single Malt Whisky of the year in Jim Murray 2020 Bible.

N24 A saltier, sea weedy coastal character to this than is normally found, then settles back into its unique Mizunara style with a charming fragility that emphasises both the effect of barley and oak working in tandem.  This is a young whisky make no mistake but the sugars seem almost perfectly weight, every bit as brittle as the barley as well as a lemon drop boiled candy character.  Everything about this aroma, even the delicate of phenol notes, seems to set ready to collapse if not handled with care - just amazing.  T24 One barely needs to do anything here: the young distillate melts in the mouth and slowly the fresh barley dissolves over the taste buds: just so sexy and salivating.  In slow motion those tart tannins begin to form and spread - truly one-off sensation deployed by the local oak, and with no great haste the spices spread and intensify, its though choreographed.  F23 just more charm in slow motion through the sugars are not quite as well represented.  The tannins are clear and gentle, the spices no more than an echo.  B24 I cannot emphasise enough the brilliance and bravery of this distillery.  The Asian market puts a high price on dark whisky, yet here is a unique malt: young, entirely naked with no caramel work to hide any fat or blemishes.  This is an natural and purely Japanese as Onsen, except this is to be taken without water.



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