Luigi Francoli Grappa 5YO Riserva 700ml

Luigi Francoli Grappa 5YO Riserva 700ml

HISTORY Grappa is a fragrant, clear, grape-based spirit made by distilling the debris left in the press after grapes have yielded up their precious juice. The debris is called vinaccia and consists of skins, seeds and dry pulp. Grappa is an Italian drink by tradition, culture and law, there are regulations that require all raw materials must be obtained from grapes produced and processed in Italy, distilled in plants located in Italy and complying with well-defined requirements. Grappa is the only spirit produced from solid raw materials placed – compulsorily – directly into the still; it is the product of specific geographical area and of a technology refined over the centuries: three factors which give grappa its absolute distinctiveness. 

The Francoli family has been distilling grappa in Piemonte, Italy since the 19th century. Company president Alessandro Francoli has inherited a passion for grappa and has spent a lifetime developing and perfecting a portfolio of outstanding quality and distinction. The district of Piemonte is well known for the excellence of its wines and the high quality raw material necessary for the distillation of fine grappa is abundantly available. Piedmont is often described as the ‘Burgundy’ of Italy, a reputation due to its many small-scale, family wineries and a focus on quality that sometimes borders on obsession. The only carbon neutral Grappa distillery in the world. All the energy required by the plant’s production process is obtained from burning the dried vinaccia. To be considered ‘Zero Impact’ Fratelli Francoli purchased custody and commissioned the planting of 196,000m2 of Costa Rican rain forest to compensate for the emissions. 

PRODUCTION The distillation process for the creation of Luigi Francoli Grappas sees the traditional steam method carried out horizontally followed by fractioned distillation in copper columns. Aging takes place in a cellar, with correct humidity and temperature levels and can be from six months to seven years depending on the variant of grappa. Luigi Francoli Grappas are kept inside medium sized Slovenian oak barrels or French Limousin barriques and refining takes place at specific temperatures in inert containers. Traditionally served in medium-sized tulip-shaped glass, rounded and not too narrow at its mouth. It is consumed ‘neat’ at the conclusion of a meal as a digestivo, or some like to pour this into their coffee. 


All the Luigi Francoli Grappas have their own distinctive colour; ranging from golden clear yellows to transparent crystal clear. The nose is specific to the grape used and the finish of Luigi Francoli Grappa’s reflect the number of awards received – smooth tones and silky softness – the after-taste are clean and persistent. 

GRAPE VARIETY & ORIGIN: From Nebbiolo grapes of the Piedmont Region, with an intense personality given by the wooden barrels. 

AGING & REFINEMENT: 3 months in inert containers, 5 years in casks made of Slovenian oak and 60 days in barriques (barrels - 225lt.) from Allier and Limousin, after the aging process. 

COLOUR: Deep golden yellow, almost amber-coloured, bright, clear. 

NOSE: Strong intensity, with a pronounced scent made up of sweet-smelling wooden extract (aldehydes noble and aromantic), persistant fragrance. 

TASTE & FINISH: Sweet, balanced harmony and extraordinary body. 

SENSORY NOTES: Vanilla, black licorice, honey, amaretti (almond-flavoured cookies), raisins. 



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