Gonzalez Byass Lepanto Gran Reserva 700ml

Gonzalez Byass Lepanto Gran Reserva 700ml

Commercial description 

Lepanto is born in the Jerez-based González Byass wineries: a unique spirit, regarded as the jewel in the crown of all brandies. Lepanto is pure Jerez essence, being the only Gran Reserva Jerez Brandy made from a grape native to Jerez –Palomino Fino– and the only brandy distilled in Jerez in copper stills using the double-distillation process known as charentais. It is also the only brandy that ages through the traditional criaderas y solera system, namely in American oak barrels that have contained sherry for over 30 years. Lepanto incarnates excellence at every step of its production process. “From the grape to the glass”, everything is singular about it: the early harvest of the Palomino Fino grapes, the free-run juice that ferments at a low temperature and –just after alcoholic fermentation is completed– the clean and fragrant wine ready for distillation. Then, in early November, the juice is moved to two charentais stills located in the winery “Los Arcos”, just opposite the Greater Tío Pepe Winery. This unique double-distillation process, which separates the “heart” of distillate from its “heads” and “tails”, will yield the so-called Holanda de Jerez: a bright, scented, and very elegant eau-de-vie, which will age in American oak casks previously soaked in sherry, according to the traditional criaderas y solera system. As a result of this magical in-barrel settling process, a Gran Reserva Sherry Brandy with a unique character is born. Lepanto, a direct offspring of sherry wine is, with its unmatchable personality, the product of an exquisite manufacturing process monitored by Luis Miguel Trillo, Master Distiller of González Byass. – Lepanto Solera Gran Reserva, aging for 12 years –9 of which in barrels having contained Tío Pepe and a further 3 in casks previously soaked in sweet oloroso Matusalem older than 30 years. 

Alc 36%


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