Dry River Pinot Noir 2018 750ml

Dry River Pinot Noir 2018 750ml

Commercial description 

For us at Dry River, blending of our Pinot noir is a relatively straightforward event. We produce no second tier label, all our barrels are destined for one wine: Dry River Martinborough Pinot noir. This certainly brings pressure to the winegrowing and making, balanced with a good dose of excitement. Our anticipation culminates when the wine is racked from barrel to tank and prepared for the final blend! Crimson red with a fluorescent purple rim, as we often see in a young Dry River Pinot noir. The fragrant nose reveals cherry blossoms and violets, where blackcurrant and raspberry are indicative of the youthful character of the wine. Lightly spiced, with crushed dried leaves and perhaps some lifted cardamom pod bring welcome nuances to the aromatics. Chocolate hazelnut praline compliments the ripe fruit and pays tribute to the French oak maturation. The low yields and extended water stress in mid-season allowed for high sunlight exposure with a low amount of leaf numbers. This retards sugar accumulation and potential alcohol, where tannin formation and ripening are enhanced. Considering the low cropping level, contrary to expectation, the fruit versus tannin ratio is well balanced and without excess. Elegant, chalky tannins are dispersed over the palate, stretching the wine broad. They are matched with dense and concentrated fruit mainly visible on the middle of the palate. The retention of whole-berry clusters in the fermentation process is to bring ‘freshness’ of fruit to compliment the ripe plum, cassia bark and familiar Christmas spice flavours. To finish, the longevity of the palate is achieved with finely textured oak tannins in combination with a soft and suppressed acidity that lies underneath, acting as a lace to tie the wine together. We expect this wine to evolve for five to seven years to reach optimal maturity. 

Alc 13%


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