De Kuyper Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur 700ml

De Kuyper Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur 700ml

"The product
The pure essence of fresh lychee fruit captured
in a light, sweet, natural-tasting liqueur. A truly international novelty liqueur, blessed with a unique oriental flavour.

The story
Emperor Ming of the Tang dynasty supplied his charming consort with only the very best lychees, which she was very fond of. The emperor was generously rewarded for this by her delightful smile and appreciative heart.

Need we say more? That's the power of the lychee: mysterious, light, sweet, soft and seductive, but at the same time very strong-willed. Now captured in a great liqueur called Kwai Feh.

Kwai Feh, the liqueur with two faces.
Soft as velvet, light, cool - but also: sweet, powerful and distinct.

Kill Bill & Chill Bill
Two cocktails with completely different characters.
In the West, we might see them as opposites. In the East, they are simply two manifestations of the same soul, inseparably connected to each other. That same duality is present in all of us. Sometimes it is hidden and balanced - sometimes one of the characters is dominant. Especially in nightlife...

So what's it gonna be?
Chill Bill or Kill Bill?"

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