Cutty Sark 1000ml

Cutty Sark 1000ml

Cutty Black is a darker, richer expression of Cutty Sark’s fresh, uplifting character. It is very much in the house style – refreshing, smooth and soft – but the addition of peated malts gives a taste of the sea and makes for a richer profile; the body is fuller and the finish longer. The blend is smooth and refreshing but with hidden depth; it’s a perfect after-dinner drink intended to stimulate conversation with friends until the early hours.


Colour: Deep amber.
Nose : Soft and rounded with attractive maritime notes (from the use of Islay malts) at first. These are followed by fudge and ripe pear with persistent and distinctive peat smoke lingering in the background.
Palate: Delicious mouth-filling creaminess; there is a beautifully-balanced. interplay between the sweetness of malt and the spice of dark liquorice.
Finish: Medium length with highlights of roasted nuts and peat smoke.


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