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St Remy Brandy XO 700ml

St Remy Brandy XO 700ml

"St-Remy XO is a brandy of character with complex aromas and a robust taste. It is recognised for its elegance, smoothness and the way it lingers on the palate. Enriched by a multitude of flavours that make it irresistible to the connoisseur, St-Remy should be savoured at leisure in an intimate setting, as an aperitif or after-dinner drink."

Luminous amber colour, tinted with subtle, rich red hues.

Mature nose followed by a delicate woody and vanilla aroma, very quickly replaced by notes of ripe fruit, jam and honey.

Delectable and rich, this brandy has character. Flavours of gingerbread, candied apricots, dates, figs and nuts have a gentle impact on the palate. The taste is subtly spicy and aromatic.


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