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Sovrano Cream Limoncello 500ml

Sovrano Cream Limoncello 500ml

"The first and unique New Zealand-made Limoncello Cream

Limoncello Cream is one of the specialties of Sicilian cuisine, the recipe is the same used in our family for generations.
Enjoy at the end of a meal, or during the heat of summer afternoons.
There is no fixed rule for drinking Sovrano Limoncello Cream: any time is good for enjoying the delights of a delicious and frozen-cold, glass of Limoncello Cream.

Sovrano Limoncello Cream used as an ingredient in the preparation of desserts enhances the flavor of any cake, or sprinkle it over strawberries, ice cream, or your favourite dessert.
Made with selected New Zealand's spray-free lemons, milk, sugar and entirely natural flavoring.
Nothing could be simpler, and nothing better."

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