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Royal Lochnager 12YO 700ml

Royal Lochnager 12YO 700ml

A favourite of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, being conveniently situated close by Balmoral Castle. Royal Lochnagar was originally a key ingredient in VAT 69, but most production is now for single malts.

Royal Lochnagar is found near the village of Crathie, very close to Balmoral, the Royal family's Scottish country residence. Established 1845 by John Begg, the distillery was awarded its royal status following a visit in 1848 by Queen Victoria and the Royal family. The distillery is smaller than might be expected, with a very low output. It is also one of Diageo's most traditional with an open-topped mash tun with rakes, long fermentation and wormtubs. Lochnagar is probably better known as the famous blend it goes into, Johnnie Walker 'Blue' and 'Black.'

A fairly big malt with a light smokiness, from Queen Victoria's favourite distillery. The owners of the distillery recommend this whisky with calve's liver, goats cheese or parma ham!

Alcohol Vol 40%

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