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Metaxa 12 Stars 700ml

Metaxa 12 Stars 700ml

"1888: Spyros Metaxa creates, possibly, the smoothest amber spirit under the Sun. Ever since, the art of wine-making, distilling, ageing and blending creates the unique METAXA style. METAXA 12 Stars offers an extraordinarily complex character, with notes of toffee, chocolate and orange peel, and aromas evoking the exquisite Muscat wines of the Aegean island of Samos.

Appearance: Radiant amber, with bronze reflections at the rim
1st Bouquet: Lively, concentrated and aromatic
2nd Bouquet: Dried flowers and fine spicy aromatic herbs take turns revealing themselves;coffee, butterscotch &chocolate work together with dried prunes and orange peel
Palate: Lush and velvety, beautifully balanced, with notes of honeyed fruits (figs and prunes), liquorice
Finish: Toasted oak with a long, rewarding finish and a touch of spice and orange peel that build intensity at the finale"

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