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Martell VSOP Cognac 700ml

Martell VSOP Cognac 700ml

Martell VSOP Médaillon ('Very Superior Old Pale') bears a gold medallion engraved with the portrait of Louis XIV and commemorates the year 1715, which saw the end of the Sun King’s reign and the birth of the House of Martell. This cognac is made with skilfully blended, mature eaux-de-vie from the four finest growths of the Cognac region. A smooth and mellow cognac that is a true cocktail of aromas, at once fresh, rounded and woody.

Appearance: Golden amber.
Nose: Bittersweet softness; lime and liquorice. Crystallised fruit; quince, raisin and plum. Spring undergrowth; fresh notes of oak wood (fine grain and hazelnut).
Mouthfeel: Soft, mellow and complex with crystallised-fruit notes.
Body: An ample round body.
Finish: Long.

Alcohol Vol 40%

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