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Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur 750ml

Jumping Goat Vodka Liqueur 750ml

A fair long while back an Ethiopian goat herd by the name of Kaldi discovered the benefits of a good coffee after watching his flock nibble at the bright red berries of a local plant. The goats became Jumping Goats and carried on energetically well into the night so he too tried these beans and discovered what fun coffee can be.
Legend has it he also mixed these beans with something a little stronger from time to time and those ethiopians discovered how to really have a good time.

Jumping Goat mixes the finest organic coffee beans & spices with New Zealand spring water and incredibly pure alcohol. It is mixed & brewed at cold temperatures for several days to deliver second to none coffee & caffeine content whilst ensuring the bitterness & harsh qualities of the coffee bean are not extracted.
Jumping Goat is best served in a shot glass, ice cold and in its birthday suit. The punchy 40% alcohol content will warm your belly and as the caffeine content takes control, your eyes will open and your life will suddenly seem HEAPS better.

100% organic ingredients. 100% New Zealand Made. Sustainably sourced.

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