Havana Club Anejo 7YO 700ml

Havana Club Anejo 7YO 700ml

The birth of Havana club is dates back to the year 1878. The Añejo 7 Años is the perfect example of Cuban rum: A legendary rum which seals Cuba's reputation as a birth place of the world's best rums. Its famous quality is a tribute to the traditional Cuban manufacturing methods and the Cuban rum expertise. Matured in white oak barrels - some of them have matured far longer. This long maturity process awards the powerful, multilayered character to it.

Silky, complex and balanced. Flavours of cocoa, vanilla, sugar cane, sweet chestnut and caramelized tropical fruits, a gentle oak note and a heavy, dark seasoning. Intensively but round and gently. The multilayered mature notes combine with a freshness which reminds of its origins in the sugar cane.

Alcohol Vol 40%
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