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Glenfiddich Malt Master 700ml

Glenfiddich Malt Master 700ml

Spicy, hint of toasted almond and fruit cake.

Exceptional skill, decades of dedication and an inventive mind make a brilliant Malt Master.

Earth and soaked wood aromas blend with deep vanilla. Flavours are sharp with spice and round with plum. A hint of toasted almonds gives way to a silky smooth finish.

A complete original, from Malt Master, Brian Kinsman.

COLOUR: Deep ruby red.

NOSE: Damp earth and whisky-soaked wood intertwine with deep vanilla and smoky embers.

TASTE: Rich with complex flavours layered by double-maturation. Sherbet and zinginess slowly turn to spice. Tempting plum and cherry follow, with hints of toasted almonds and fruit cake.

FINISH: Silky and smooth.

SILVER MEDAL 2013: International Spirits Challenge (ISC)

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