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Cynar Artisjokbitter 700ml

Cynar Artisjokbitter 700ml

"Cynar is an Italian bitter liqueur made from 13 herbs and plants. Predominant amongst these is the artichoke (Cynara scolymus), from which the drink derives its name. Cynar is dark brown in color, has a bittersweet flavor, and its strength is 16.5% ABV.

It comes within the Italian category of alcoholic beverage known as Amaro.

Cynar can be taken as either a digestive, or as a cocktail (mixed with soda water and lemon or orange slice, or with cola, eggnog, tonic water, milk or bitter lemon soda). Europeans often mix it with orange juice, especially in Switzerland and Southern Germany where Cynar and orange juice is a very popular combination. A variation of the Negroni cocktail uses Cynar in place of Campari. Because of its artichoke component, Cynar is also regarded as a digestif, as well as an apéritif."

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