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Blue Duck Rare Vodka 750ml

Blue Duck Rare Vodka 750ml

"Blue Duck Rare Vodka is inspired by the extremely rare and endangered blue duck (Hymenolaimus malacorhynchos). It is unique to New Zealand, and is confined to white-water rivers in the country's remote mountain regions.

Blue Duck is a premium vodka that is handcrafted, batched-distilled in a reflex copper pot still and is blended with the purest water in the world. Seven distillations refine the vodka to produce a velvety smooth texture and a highly distinctive and incomparable taste.

A percentage of our profits is donated to the Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of New Zealand, an organisation dedicated to the preservation of the blue duck for future generations.

A rare duck, a rare vodka - and a rare opportunity to drink responsibly and help save this endangered species from extinction.


The sophisticated UK men's magazine wrote of Blue Duck Rare Vodka 'You're either going to have to travel to find this little water fowl, or import it. Distilled an improbable seven times to ensure a silky-smooth finish, the Blue Duck owes its clean, crisp flavour in part to the white-water source of its New Zealand home - claimed to be amongst the cleanest in the world. It waddled off with a double gold from the 2014 San Francisco Spirit Awards and a gold award from the USA's Fifty Best Imported Vodka list.


Blue Duck Rare Vodka was awarded a Double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competitionin 2014. In its 14th year and with over 1,400 entries, Blue Duck Rare Vodka was unanimously judged to be of gold quality by all 40 judges.


Blue Duck Rare Vodka has recently been awarded a Gold Medal at SIP Awards in the US. And following that received a Gold Medal and a CCA award for consistent excellence from The Fifty Best in the US. The global awards and accolades keep rolling in and this Vodka keeps reaching new heights on the international stage."

43% Alc

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