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Antipodes Sparkling Water 1000ml

Antipodes Sparkling Water 1000ml

"Antipodes comes to the surface from a deep aquifer and is bottled in Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

To quote the rather dry but authoritative Geohydrological Assessment of the BOPRC Technical publication No.2, 1998: "The groundwater of the Aquifer is of very high quality. It has been recognised as the deepest, highest quality groundwater in New Zealand".

Most of the worlds table water comes from out of the ground in Europe. That's a place a long way from here where a lot of people live and work and drive cars and go to the bathroom and burn coal and dig up the soil and spray things that build factories and generally do the stuff that people do that the rain has to get through before it gets into the ground before it gets into a bottle."

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