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Absolut Vodka miniature 5 pack

Absolut Vodka miniature 5 pack

Absolut is one of Sweden"s most famous exports and what started out as one pure vodka has expanded over time to include a range of different flavours that are popular worldwide. This miniature pack allows you to sample just some of those flavours to choose your favourite. Since being launched in 1979, Absolut has become one of the world's most recognisable and iconic brands. Along with being smooth and complex in style, Absolut is also available in a range of different flavours which are made using only natural ingredients and without the addition of sugar. This set of miniatures features five different expressions and presents the unique opportunity to sample each one before choosing a favourite. A fun and delicious gift idea for any vodka drinker.

5 x 50mls
- Absolut Citron
- Absolut Ruby Red
- Absolut Pears
-Absolut Raspberri
-Absolut Vanilia

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