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El Jimador Anejo 700ml

El Jimador Anejo 700ml

Commercial description

There’s no rush when it comes to el Jimador Añejo. It means ‘aged’ in Spanish and we’re proud to call it the best expression of el Jimador we’ve ever made. We double distill the finest blue Weber agave and then mature it in American oak barrels for 12 months to craft this award-winning tequila. It’s rich, full-bodied and packed with deep spice flavors like cinnamon. Pour it slow and savor every sip.

Strong and full-bodied, with notes of vanilla, hazelnut and a hint of cinnamon

Dark amber tints

Agave aged with pepper notes, slightly earthy with soft cinnamon and other spices

Very soft with oak and cherry nuances and sophisticated bourbon notes

Our Añejo is the winner of more than 31 awards since 2010, including the gold medal for Spirit of the Americas in 2014. Grab a bottle and sip slowly!

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