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International Whisky

Our International Whisky selection is one of the fastest growing sections on the website. This is for good reason as some of these Whiskies can rival the best that Scotland has on offer. After a Japanese Whisky (Yamazaki Sherry) topped the 2015 Jim Murray Whisky bible its been a challenge to keep on top of the worldwide demand of these Japanese Whiskies. Some say that this review opened the eyes from Whisky lovers around the world that there are more places to look for fine Whiskies. With the winners for 2016 being a Canadian Rye and in 2017 an American Rye, you can imagine the rise in popularity for Rye Whiskies and Bourbon. Fortunately for us we have these categories well covered and if you feel adventurous try the amazing Whiskies from India, Taiwan or delve into the great range of Whisky from our own land, New Zealand, which is starting to make a noticeable appearance on the world Whisky map.