Kahlua, not as simple as it looks


Kahlua, not as simple as it looks

Originating in Veracruz, Mexico in 1936, Kahlúa has become the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Relying on two of the region’s finest ingredients—sugarcane and 100% Arabica coffee—the resulting flavor is as rich and distinct as the vibrant, multicultural region from which it comes.
KAHLÚA® Liqueur. 20% alc./vol.

The vibrant state of Veracruz, Mexico is home to KAHLÚA and a culture rich with blended traditions. Known not only for its agricultural crops, like the premium 100% Arabica coffee and sugarcane that come together in a bottle of KAHLÚA, but also for the diverse people who over the years have come together to form this unified region unique unto itself.

KAHLÚA is crafted from the finest ingredients that grow side by side in rural Veracruz, Mexico—shade grown, hand-selected 100% Arabica coffee beans and sugarcane.

High in the mountains of Veracruz, the coffee is handpicked during the October to March harvest season. The red coffee cherries are then pulped and processed to extract what we know as the coffee bean.

Beans are air-dried and the papery external layer called the husk is removed. The dried coffee is aged for at least six months in 50-kilogram burlap bags to develop the ideal taste profile. The beans are now ready for roasting.

Stalks are crushed, juice is collected and boiled into a molasses, then yeast and water are mixed and left to ferment. Once sugar is converted into alcohol, the spirit undergoes a distillation process until it reaches proof, then stored in barrels.

After seven years the coffee and sugarcane meet again in our KAHLÚA distillery. The coffee is roasted in micro-lots, ground to extract the perfect flavor. The extract is combined with our fine sugarcane spirit, vanilla and caramel, then rested for eight weeks before being filtered and bottled.

Kahlúa on the Rocks
Pure Kahlúa and ice. When served on the rocks, the distinctively rich, smooth flavors of the coffee and cane spirit come through, making it easy to imagine the coffee plants and sugarcane growing side-by-side in Veracruz, Mexico. Simple to make and the perfect complement to stimulating conversation.
Orange zest
How to mix it
Fill a rocks glass with ice, add Kahlúa, stir gently to cool to its perfect temperature. Finish off with orange zest.

Kahlúa Ginger Ale
Ginger ale, a mixer that became popular in the United States during Prohibition, adds a sweet kick to the rich, smooth taste of Kahlúa. The bubbly blend of carbonated water, ginger and cane sugar balances the flavors of Kahlúa to make an easy-to-drink cocktail. Serve it anytime you want to add some sparkle to a gathering with good friends or when you want to cool down after a long day.
2 parts KAHLÚA
4 parts Ginger ale
How to mix it
Fill a highball glass with ice, add Kahlúa and ginger ale, then stir.

Black Russian
Enjoy the drink of diplomats the next time you’re looking to bring elegance and style to any occasion. Legend has it the Black Russian was created in 1949 by a Belgian bartender to honor a feisty socialite who was the U.S. ambassador to Luxembourg. The cocktail is so named because it mixes the dark liqueur of Kahlúa with vodka, the beloved Russian spirit. For a touch of international mystery and intrigue, try this famous drink that has been described as "a flavor more complex than calculus." A rich and balanced cocktail for all seasons!
1 part KAHLÚA
1 part VODKA
How to mix it
Fill a rocks glass with ice, add Kahlúa and VODKA and stir.

Espresso Martini
Legend has it the Kahlúa Espresso Martini was created in the 1980s by a London cocktail guru late one night for a famous supermodel. The mixologist had the brilliant idea of combining a shot of espresso and vodka with our coffee and cane spirit to create a martini like no other. Perfect for a brunch with friends, an after-dinner cocktail or before a big night out.
1.5 parts KAHLÚA
1 fresh brewed espresso
How to mix it
Fill a shaker with ice, add Kahlúa, ABSOLUT VODKA and a fresh brewed espresso. Shake vigorously, and strain into a chilled martini glass.



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