The Dalmore 12 year old


The Dalmore story began in 1839 with Alexander Matheson, who lived in the Highlands of Northern Scotland. Matheson found the rich peat and pure water sources of the Highlands to be the makings of a perfect Scotch offering. He built a distillery in the area and produced small batches of his Single Highland Malt Scotch until 1886, when the Mackenzie family acquired his operation. When a member of the Mackenzie family risked his own life to save Scotland's ruler, King Alexander III, from a charging stag, the grateful king offered a token of his appreciation by bequeathing the stag to the Mackenzie family as a symbol of valour and courage. And more than 130 years later, the stag head still appears on every bottle of The Dalmore.

For well over a century, The Dalmore has been made by hand, in the time-honoured way, by a small band of local stillmen. The process is meticulous, and includes double distillations in copper pot-stills and patient aging in white oak and sherry wood casks.

No other Scotch captures the essence and the tradition of its people like The Dalmore. For over 160 years, Dalmore Distillery has produced malts of great character and distinction, thanks in recent years to the dedication of Master Distiller Richard Paterson. He's the third generation of his family to serve as Master Distiller—a rich family lineage that is unmatched in the industry.
Richard and his band of stillmen create The Dalmore range of expressions which continues to receive acclaimed awards for both its exceptional spirit and innovative packaging. The 12 Year, Gran Reserva, 15 Year, King Alexander III 1263, The Dalmore 1974, 40 Year and 50 Year each contain specific flavours and special nuances that originate from select wooden casks, Scottish climate and careful supervision.

The Dalmore is now one of the most popular and luxurious Single Malt Scotches in the world. Created in the prime barley-growing district of Scotland, The Dalmore is a spirit of distinction and pedigree. Shaped by time, water and weather, it deserves its place as one of the world's most respected whiskies, and rewards its loyal admirers with a unique, full taste that reflects its origins.

Located on the northern shores of the Firth of Cromarty, deep in the spectacular Scottish Highlands, the distillery is perfectly placed to take advantage of a feast of natural resources: from the waters of Loch Morie, found high in the hills overlooking the distillery, to the golden barley of the rich coastal soils of the Black Isle. Being sited at sea level is critically important. Enveloped by the salt air, the sea-facing traditional dunnage warehouses provide the ideal conditions for maturation.

The Dalmore 12:

The Dalmore spirit benefits from longer than typical maturation – 12 years, instead of the more regular 10. Judicious selection and the precise balance of American white oak and Oloroso sherry wood, delivers our most vibrant expression – robust yet elegant, with an aftertaste of brilliant complexity.  Deep, golden mahogany in colour, with orange, marmalade and aromatic spices on the nose. Elegant and rich on the palate with intense citrus and hints of sweet vanilla pod to finish, enhanced by increased sherry wood for an aftertaste of great complexity. Gold Medal San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2009 Beverage Testing Institute 2009.

Matured in American oak bourbon barrels  and Oloroso sherry wood.


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