Canadian Club


Canadian Club has had quite the colourful past. It started back in 1858 when some clever fellow set up a distillery on the Canadian side of the Detroit river.

Originally C.C. was known as 'Club Whisky' as it was predominantly sold in gentlemen's clubs. However, the bourbon fat cats in Kentucky felt a bit threatened and got old Uncle Sam to pass a law that stated "Canada" had to be added to the label hoping Americans would prefer to buy American liquor. Unfortunately people only wanted more of the newly named Canadian Club Whisky.

Later on down the track in 1920, the US government, again in their infinite wisdom, thought it would be a good idea to prohibit the sale of alcohol. This meant very lucrative times, not only for the C.C. distillery, but also for up and coming smugglers.

Some people merely smuggled it across the border in their boots, thus spawning the term "bootlegging, while others were a little more large scale...

Cue Al Capone.

Capone turned up in Canada and gifted a church to the local residents, which seemed extremely generous until the police found out he was only lighting the church cross at night to let his friends
know it was safe to smuggle C.C. across the Detroit river.

Crafty fella... pity he didn't do his taxes.

Canadian Club 12 year old
Old people (even though we love them) are pretty much no good at anything. Some things however actually improve with age, like the classic and sophisticated C.C. 12 year old.

Don’t be fooled though, a lot of brands charge big money for a fancy bottle and an “aged” sticker.

Let taste be your guide…

Your mouth will thank you for it

Try Canadian Club with ginger ale or ginger beer with a twist of lime for a refreshing summer drink



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