Whisky and More launches soon

Well at last we  go live with our top end spirit site Whisky and More.

This is a new concept in regards to retailing spirits, liquors and cognacs.  We are not a retail store our range is dictated by what products we can source and pass onto lovers of a fine tipple, at jaw dropping prices.

This will mean our range and product mix will vary.  If we cannot source a product and astound you with the price point then it will not be on our site.

So who are we & how do we offer pricing which in some cases beats duty free!

We are New Zealand’s most experienced liquor traders.  We have experience within retail, distribution and corporate liquor.  Our networks have been built up over many years of trading and span across four continents.

The early 2000’s witnessed a glut in 3 year old blended whisky.  An oversupply began to hit the corporate distilleries hard.  A strategic decision was made rather than sell the product young at distressed rates it was better to reduce supply and concentrate on aging product for reserves & single malts for the ever growing Asian and emerging markets.

With the advent of worldwide recession consumers globally are spending less and steering away from high value products. Liquor is no different there is now an abundance of top echelon whisky’s & reserve spirits.

Three years ago we launched which has become one of NZ’s largest e- tail sites. This gave us the knowledge to know that liquor networks, an abundance of product, coupled with a low cost interactive website allows for outstanding pricing.

We will not try to be what we are not.  We are not distillers or even considered experts in the finer detail and intricacies of  whisky and cognacs .  What we are is straight up traders with the ability to sniff out the best spirit deals offered in NZ.


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