Widow Jane Straight Bourbon 10YO 750ml

Widow Jane Straight Bourbon 10YO 750ml

Voted the best Bourbon in the world by GQ Mag
The whiskey is a dark bronze color in the bottle and dark cooper brown in the glass with medium legs. The nose is sweet and inviting, with an aroma that reaches out and promises something complex to come. I pick up hints of chocolate, sweet corn, vanilla, and honey with a splash of lemon peel on the nose.
A mouth feel that is slightly warm, syrupy and flavorful with a potpourri of Mocha, vanilla, oak, a touch of rye spice, pepper and a noticeable floral earthiness undertone in the back of the throat. The finish of a tasty mocha chocolate with more vanilla, oak, a slight burnt sugar, rye spice, salt,


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