Teeling Poitin 500ml

Teeling Poitin 500ml

"Distilling in Ireland dates back over a 1000 years and before there was Irish whiskey there was Poitin. A clear non-aged Irish spirit famous for its quality and its alcohol strength, Poitin was outlawed in 1661, driving the whole industry underground until now. In an effort to revive the Original Spirit of Ireland we released a modern high quality bottling of Poitin. Consisting of non-aged, new make Irish spirit made from malted barley distilled in copper pot stills and from maize distilled in column stills. Bottled at 61.5%, this bottling gives you a unique chance to taste what real Poitín has to offer.


Nose: Aromas of floss, malted barley, half-baked bread and raisined fruits.

Taste: To taste it is smooth sweet and fruity flavours of malt, raisined fruits, barley sugars and sugared almonds.

Finish: Warm and soothing on the finish."

61.5% Alc

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