Sangri de Vida Reposado 50ml

Sangri de Vida Reposado 50ml

"Each bottle is hand-painted with motifs drawn from the rich history and culture of Mexico. The spirit inside is a true testament to the artistry of distilling handed down for generations.

Our attention and dedication to the smallest details is what sets every aspect of Sangre de Vida apart from any other Tequila. Sangre de Vida ultra premium Tequila begins with staying true to a 500 year old process that starts with the careful harvesting of Blue Weber agave plants then slow roasting our rich agaves in ovens for 38 hours to extract the sweet nectar. Our fermentation process is 100% natural, followed by triple distillation. Sangre de Vida® embodies the artisan feel from the moment it catches your eye to the moment it touches your lips.

As wine is to France, Tequila is to Mexico – the life blood of the people."


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