Murderers Bay 14YO Rum 700ml

Murderers Bay 14YO Rum 700ml

"It is said there once lived a mermaid in Murderer’s Bay, a protector of its waters and those that surround it. Her guardianship, and chastity, never sat well with local sailors, who were used to plundering whatever they please.

One night, a grizzly sailor attempted to strangle the mermaid on the shores of a local spring known as the Place of the Dancing Sands. She would have perished had the water not been the clearest in land, for resting at the bottom was a dagger.

Her powerful piscine tail dragged him to the depths, where he met his sharp demise. The sailor’s body was washed out to sea, minus a keepsake the mermaid was seen cradling forevermore, a reminder to any who ever try to pollute or plunder from her true love, the spring.

Murderer’s Bay is a world-renowned rum whose distinction was sought to honour its origins in the immaculate Dancing Sands spring, and its smooth texture and sweet flavour intended as a balm for the guardian’s torment.

Aroma - in the glass: rich, creamy aromas of raisin ice-cream, nutmeg, clove, and vanilla pancake.
Palate - in the mouth: vanilla bean, nutmeg, spice, with a straw and tobacco finish.
The finish - the aftertaste: a beautiful, full-bodied and poignant rum taste that softens into a light, creamy, and almost silky mouthfeel."


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