Mortlach Special Strength 500ml

Mortlach Special Strength 500ml

"A big, friendly and warming special strength Mortlach, at once complex and delicious. Very grown up, with a complicated yet harmonious mix of young vanilla and mature oak underscored by roasted aromatics and a long and deeply affecting finish.

Confident, complex and strong, with an instant full-bodied aroma that somehow successfully mixes sweet, ripe red apples and moist fruit cake or plum pudding. As the nose opens further there’s more sweetness, as if rich vanilla-cream was being poured over rum & raisin ice cream. In time there are more drying scents, now of roasting coffee beans, Christmas pudding mix, dried raspberry, allspice and dry roasted coriander seed.

Full blooded with great impact, beginning with bitter chocolate and black cherry fruit then sweet, honeyed and smooth. After this more assertive and warming, growing earthier and drying to reveal a fine savoury bite reminiscent of charred pepper steak, as the distillery character rises to the challenge of the strength.

Long, highly pervasive and surprisingly sweet with smooth, violet-edged dark- chocolate laced tannins to the fore, and behind this a dry char that leaves the palate sweet and just faintly smoky, as with a treacle tart. Splendidly warming and comforting, with late orange zest."


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