Gordon & MacPhails 10YO 700ml

Gordon & MacPhails 10YO 700ml

"MacPhail's single malt is distilled to our order and then matured in our own casks either at its place of
birth or in our warehouse in Elgin. The distillery of origin is a closely guarded secret giving the fine malt
an air of mystery. It is full bodied, complex and graceful. Mellowed by age and ennobled by pedigree.

Colour: Rich Amber.
Nose: Clean with fruity notes - fresh fruit salad. Some Sherry wood aromas
and a subtle smoky edge.
Palate: Smoky with spicy notes. A hint of Sherry with fruit flavours developing.
Nose: Rich fruit (dates & figs) with the Sherry influence. Some fragrant notes
also present.
Palate: Smoky with spicy, malty elements. Again the fruit slowly comes to the
Body: Medium.
Finish: Fruity with Sherry notes.
Cask Type(s): Refill Sherry Casks.
Whisky Style: Traditional Speyside Malt Whisky - clean and elegant."


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