Mackmyra Mack by Mackmyra 700ml

Mackmyra Mack by Mackmyra 700ml

"A new Swedish single malt whiskey for a younger generation whisky drinkers. MACK village Mackmyra is an interpretation of Mackmyra Whisky with a tasty, youthful and fresh character with notes of vanilla, which is suitable to be drunk as is or in cocktails.

MACK village Mackmyra is for those who want an affordable whiskey that both tastes good and looks good in the glass.

The aroma is fruity and light with aromas of citrus and pear. It has an easy vanilla oak with a slight spiciness and notes of anise, mint and vanilla.

The taste is fresh with a youthful fruity and spicy character of pear, citrus and a light vanilla oak.



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