Le Tribute Mezcal 700ml

Le Tribute Mezcal 700ml

Le Tribute Mezcal is a new variety produced by MG Destilerias, in Spain. Discover a fabulous mezcal made entirely from Cenizo Silvestre Agave, a rare and delicious specie that comes from Durango, Mexico. For the production of this very promising mezcal, the distillery has committed itself to replant two agaves for each one that has been harvested. 

The MG distillery is located in the south of Barcelona. It impressed us already with Le Tribute gin and its alcohol-free creations Le Tribute tonic, ginger ale and ginger beer. The recipe for success is always the same: it deals with handmade premium products presented in an elegant bottle with an elegant Art-Deco design. A real treat for the eyes and the palate!

Mezcal is a typical Mexican alcohol made from the flesh of the agave. The agave leaves are cut to 1.5 cm instead of 5 cm, then traditionally baked a in a stone oven heated by oak wood. That provides a smoky taste, very characteristic of mezcal. The whole production process of Le Tribute Mezcal is entirely handmade, from the harvest to the bottling.

Le Tribute Mezcal is presented in an elegant Art Deco bottle. The latter is made according to the design of the Le Tribute range, but stands out by its glass, finely colored in purple tones. The bottle is decorated with a copper cap that match the emblem on the front of the bottle. A true work of art that you will really enjoy!

Alcohol Vol. 40%


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