Laws Four Grain 47.5% 750ml

Laws Four Grain 47.5% 750ml

Commercial description:

"Our flagship whiskey is crafted from all four of the “American mother grains”: corn, wheat, barley and rye. There aren’t many four grain bourbons on the market as they are very difficult to make. We utilize a stepped cooking process — each grain variety requires a different cooking temperature to maximize its flavor and character. The grain requiring the most heat is milled in and cooked first; the temperature is then lowered gradually as we add the smaller flavor grains, and then complete the cooking process with the malts. This painstaking, 6.5 hour, labor-intensive process is critical to capturing the character and quality of each grain. During aging, we strive to create harmony between this complex whiskey and the vanilla and caramel notes from the newly charred, American white oak barrels to create a classic bourbon with Colorado character.

60% Corn, 20% Colorado-grown wheat, 10% Colorado-grown rye, 10% Colorado-grown barley
Classic open air, sour mash fermentation
Distilled twice through our Vendome pot/column still
Aged no less than 3 years in full-sized 53 gallon new American white oak barrels
Bottled at 95 proof"


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