Grand Marnier Quintessence 700ml

Grand Marnier Quintessence 700ml


Drawing on GRAND MARNIER Cordon Rouge heritage, the fifth and sixth generations of the Marnier-Lapostolle family have created Quintessence, a sublime reinterpretation of the original creation. Long-aged Grand Champagne cognacs some coming from Paradis itself, are combined with twice-distilled bigaradia citrus essence. The bigaradia peel is soaked in neat alcohol to create the first distillate; another batch of peel is then added to achieve a double distillation, which refines and intensifies the aroma. These intricate processes help to develop an exceptional aromatic richness - never has a liqueur been so exciting...

Vibrant amber hues and copper reflections when light plays on its texture.

Fresh, lively and delectable, lovely orange notes followed by fruity, floral and heavier notes of almond and vanilla.

Elegant and subtle harmony. Well-integrated notes of citrus fruit, vanilla, caramel, almond and honey. The finish is exceptionally long lasting.

40% Alc

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