Gordon & MacPhail Highland Park 8YO 350ml

Gordon & MacPhail Highland Park 8YO 350ml


Built in 1798, Scotland's most Northern distillery is set on the site where, the infamous illicit distiller, Magnus Eunson's bothy used to stand. Highland Park continues to malt its own barley, using the traditional floor malting method, and to kiln dry the 'green' malt, using peat cut from its own moorlands; it is one of the few distilleries where you can still see and smell smoke wafting from its pagoda. Cattie Maggie is the underground spring that feeds a former quarry close to Highland Park both spring and quarry are named after a tinker who lived in the vicinity. Its water is pure and very hard, rising through a sedimentary rock of hard sandstone.

COLOUR: Dark Straw.
BODY: Light.
FINISH: Short to Medium.
CASK TYPE: Refill Sherry Hogsheads and Bourbon Barrels.
STYLE: Elegant malt with a rounded body.



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