Glenrothes 1995 Single Malt

Glenrothes 1995 Single Malt


The Vintage 1995 was the first ever Vintage specifically laid in cask with the intention of, when mature, bottling as The Glenrothes.

With about 30% from first fill American Sherry oak delivering butterscotch: Spice and dried fruits from 1st fill Spanish Sherry oak and the rest from refill casks giving the characteristic Glenrothes balance and complexity of flavour. Arguably it is preferable post-dinner when conversation is in full flow.

It fulfils every anticipation of The Glenrothes: A "come-hither" nose filled with exotic spices is followed by a citrus and fruity richness coated in honeyed butterscotch. These flavours, and more, are all delivered on the palate culminating with a long, rich and satisfying, fruity spiciness

Appearance: Medium golden, clear and bright
Bouquet: Floral, citrus and butterscotch notes with a hint of spicy white
pepper and cedar-wood syrup
Palate: Rich, sweet, soft fruit flavour, leading to a rich spiciness
Finish: Sugared citrus peel soft fruits, medium dry with abundant spices