Gin Luum London Dry Gin 500ml

Gin Luum London Dry Gin 500ml

"Gin Luum stands for distillation art and devotion. For character and excellent taste. The combination of traditional and fruity notes gives the London Dry its full, yet mild flavor. Pur, on the rocks or with a good tonic."


In the production of Gin Luum, we use not only classic ingredients such as juniper berries, coriander and angelica roots but exclusively exquisite botanicals of the first quality.

All vegetable raw materials in our Gin Luum are pure natural products from controlled organic cultivation.

These carefully chosen raw materials form the basis for the mild, straightforward and elegant character of our Dry Gins. He is rounded off with a lot of time, love for detail and our claim to compose a gin, which is characterized by a unique taste profile.


After the processing of the herbs and plants follows the maceration, in which the aroma of the raw materials and the uncertainties of the fermentation process are carefully observed.

The botanicals selected according to the highest quality criteria are macerated with a corresponding amount of time before they are distilled on one of the world's best stainless steel plants. Only the high-quality medium run - the so-called "heart" is used.

Handcrafted and small batch distilled!


Finally, the finished distillate rests until we grind it with crystal-clear, noorder water, which by its properties supports the softness and fineness of the gins.

The result is a balanced balance between fine juniper and hints of citrus, orange and a slightly sweetish finish. The finish is mild and long lasting with a distinctive freshness.

An elegant London Dry Gin, originally from Münster, has already won some of the most prestigious awards since the beginning."

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