Curiosity Gin Recipe 23 500ml

Curiosity Gin Recipe 23 500ml

"We set out to bring to you gins that are truly individual, that will stand out from the crowd and the tonic. Our passion to see what we could do to create new innovative spirits with strong flavours evocative of New Zealand is reflected in the name Curiosity Gin.

After many trials and a few late nights mixing different ingredients and of course tasting gins, the 23rd trial recipe was settled on as the first release and in late 2016 we brought out Curiosity Gin – Recipe 23. Recipe 23 is a contemporary style gin with a New Zealand twist. Distilled in-house starting with Canterbury grain and finished with Eleven of the highest quality botanicals we can source including a generous helping of East Coast Manuka, Gisborne Citrus and Otago lavender to bring the distinctive New Zealand taste.

Made in small batches, we use whole botanicals steeped in the base spirit for 24 hours before re-distilling, through our copper pot still “Yoyo”, to create a true hand distilled aromatic Gin.

Curiosity Gin delivers a truly unique taste amongst contemporary gins. Strong Juniper and Citrus with added pine notes from the Manuka are underpinned by earthy Angelica Root and background spices and rounded out by the slight residual malt and sweetness from the single malt base spirit.

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Recipe 23’s well rounded citrus notes lends it to be enjoyed in refreshing cocktails such as the classic G&T, gimlets, punches and negroni. It is particularly excellent in a modified French 75 cocktail with Rosé bubbles, orange bitters and an orange twist garnish.

The bold flavours of Recipe 23 stand up well to most tonics but is best served with an Indian Tonic and a slice of (Pink) Grapefruit and/or an Orange twist. A dryer tonic will enhance the earthy notes of the malt, angelica and spice and lends itself to a more savoury garnish such as a slice of green pepper and a twist from the pepper grinder.

The complete list of botanicals is Juniper Berries, Manuka (berries and leaf), Coriander Seeds, Cardamom Pods, Fresh Orange Zest, Fresh Lime Zest, Ginger Root, Angelica Root, Lavender, Cinnamon and Star Anise."


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