Curatif Negroni 140ml Can 4pk

Curatif Negroni 140ml Can 4pk

"One of the world's most enduring and simplest cocktails is a perfect gin Negroni. This is a drink with its foundation's built-in balance.

The ideal Negroni should taste, smell and feel like a pure Italian experience, from the Campari to the Vermouth. The unmistakable rich and fruity taste, that subtly stabilises the bitterness, to create the perfect aperitif.

This perfectly composed Negroni, balances the exceptional base of Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin, with the rich fruit notes of sweet Vermouth and Campari, to create the best Negroni in a can you've ever experienced.

Often claimed to be nothing without Campari, the first taste of a Negroni cocktail is a spicy bitterness developed from the Italian roots and herbs that make up the Campari recipe, long-held closely as a state secret. The sweet Vermouth brings a rich and yet preserved fruit note thanks to its grape base, and provides a delicate balance to the bitterness of the Campari.

Finally, the specially distilled Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin - made specifically for use as a base of a Negroni with added pepper, berry and cinnamon - delivers not only its own spice but also a warmth which when perfectly coupled with bitters and Vermouth, provides for one of the world's great tipples.

The simplicity of a perfectly created Negroni cocktail, delivered in a can, is an experience like no other, an experience only Curatif can successfully deliver. You won't want to buy anything else once you have tasted your first heavenly sip of this world-class Negroni.

Curatif Cocktails are ready to be enjoyed from the moment you open the box.

Indulge in any occasion that comes your way with the best Four Pillars Negroni we promise you'll never forget it.

Volume: 140ml

ABV: 17.35%"


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