Yeni Raki 350ml

Yeni Raki 350ml

"With the strength created by its centuries old history on the Anatolian soil it was born on, Raki continues to be the main drink of our dinner tables and entertainment life. Everyday, Raki is the guest of countless dinner tables in all quarters of Turkey and as the symbol of our entertainment culture and the wealth of our cuisine; it is also loved by foreigners who visit Turkey. Yeni Raki is lot more than just a brand; in the eyes of its consumers it has earned a position synonymous with Raki itself. One of the most loved and consumed beverages of Turkey; Yeni Raki has become an irreplaceable part of our entertainment and eating culture. TurkishRaki is produced by distilling suma which has been mixed only with grape distillate or agricultural ethyl alcohol twice, in traditional copper alembics of 5000 lt volume or less, with aniseed that contains a high percentage of essential oil. With suma processed in seven different distilleries, an aromatic richness the twenty different types of grapes in its composition produce and the scent of green aniseed, Yeni Raki has a unique taste. To manufacture suma, both fresh grapes and raisins are used. The main difference of Turkish raki in taste and palate from the raki produced in other countries derives from the aniseed that is used. In raki produced by Tekel in the past and now Mey, and especially in Yeni Raki, only aniseed grown in Western Anatolia which contains a high percentage of essential oil is used. In Yeni Raki, 65 % of the alcohol comes from grape-based suma. It is very important to drink Yeni Raki cold, which has a 45 % alcohol volume. Raki must be drunk cold to enjoy its unique taste fully. Raki may be drunk straight, but the great majority of raki drinkers prefer to drink it by adding cold water to chilled raki. With the change in entertainment styles we now see Yeni Raki being drank straight up in nightclubs and bars, but the beverage gained its real reputation from its position as the guest at the head of the table in taverns, where meze accompany joyful conversation. As in the past, both with its palate and taste which is greatly appreciated by consumers and with the richness and depth of its cultural significance, Yeni Raki continues to be one of the strongest symbols of social life in Turkey. 

First produced in 1944, Yeni Raki has since preserved its position as one of the most consumed and most loved beverages of Turkey. To produce Yeni Raki, all types of fresh grapes or raisins, high quality aniseed, melas, which is produced by distilling sugar beet (sugar alcohol) and soft drinking water is required. Suma, the pre-ingredient of raki is the name given to the fermented product. 

Suggestion for drinking: It may be consumed straight up or with added water or mineral water, yet always cold (8-10c). Raki may be taken as an aperitif; the Turkish way of drinking raki would be at a 'çilingir' table, with the distinctive cold and hot meze. 

Raki has won various Gold and Silver Medals at International Competitions for Wine and Spirits." 

Alc 45%


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