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Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka 700ml

Wyborowa Exquisite Vodka 700ml

Is a natural, clear vodka created using only the finest quality rye grain, which delivers a natural sweetness, silky texture and a balanced character.

Wyborowa (pronounced Vee Bow Row Va) Vodka is an authentic Polish Vodka made from 100% Rye grain. The grain is grown in the Pozan region of Poland, and it is initially distilled in small local agricultural distilleries into a raw spirit. This raw spirit is further refined at the Wyborowa modern rectification plant in Pozan where it is processed through a three column continuous still to reach the desired level of purity. Water from a deep ground aquifer is used to bring the spirit to 40% abv.

Wyborowa Exquisite is the Premium version of Wyborowa Vodka and it is produced in Turew, which is a single estate distillery in Western Poland. It is distilled using 100% Dankowslie Slote Rye Grain.


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