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Whisky Stones set of 9

Whisky Stones set of 9

Whiskey wants ice. We can argue that it needs it, but no-one wants watered-down whiskey. You may as well have tea.

Whiskey/scotch/bourbon purists will be delighted with these frozen rocks for your drinks made of soapstone, which has a remarkable ability to conduct and retain coldness.

Simply place in the freezer overnight and they will naturally stay chilled. They will NOT dilute your drink and they also impart no odour or taste, so the full flavour and the aroma is preserved. When you're done just rinse them, dry them and throw them back in the freezer for next time.

Get yours set now and enjoy your whiskey the way it was meant to be drunk. On ice.

Will not dilute beverages
Remarkable ability to conduct and retain coldness
Great for keeping your beer mug, scotch, whiskey or bourbon icy cold
Stays chilled for up to 2 hours
Can be heated to keep hot drinks warm
No added flavour or odour
Reusable: Hand washing is recommended
Leaves NO residues
Now you can finally enjoy a scotch on the rocks the proper way and the literal way

please note that packaging looks slightly different than pictured

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