Sovrano Cream Limoncello 50ml

Sovrano Cream Limoncello 50ml

20% Alc

"The liqueur symbol of Bay of Islands and New Zealand.
A perfect symbiosis between the colour, flavour and lemons zest with New Zealand creativity.
Place of birth, Kerikeri New Zealand. It's quality makes it special, the purest ever made.
How to taste it: classic way straight after meal. This way was not chosen by us but by the tradition of Limoncello.
Everyone can drink lemon liqueur, but now the Original Limoncello is available, that is: Sovrano Limoncello original.
Like all the exceptional things you can only do one way: perfect, from beginning to end.
Elegance and simplicity, are the key to all uses, straight or over ice, Sovrano Limoncello will enhance the flavour and fragrance in all drinks.
Use it in cooking, over ice cream, pour it over fruit salad and pastries

Limoncello Sovrano, fantastic, unique, versatile.
100% Natural, free of preservatives or artificial Color
As when we said "ALL NATURAL" We really mean it!!"

Please note that this is a 50ml note the larger bottle pictured

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