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Ron Matusalem Anejo 700ml

Ron Matusalem Anejo 700ml

"Matusalem Extra Añejo Rum is a blend of the finest aged rums. This is a delicious and very refined rum, with great character and ideal for mixed drinks. A sure bet for the young and trendy. Its flavor and smoothness will earn the affection of rum lovers and novices alike. This elegant and sophisticated rum is competitively priced to compete in the high-volume segment of quality aged rums.

Colour: A sunny golden tone. Its chromatic range captures the spirit of Cuban style and heritage.
Nose: Notes of vanilla and dried fruit, accompanied by subtle, sweet tones of honey, followed by a delicate aroma of caramelized molasses.
Smooth on the palate, with a soft, balanced flavor of dried fruit and creamy notes."

38% Alc

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