Molinari Cafe Mini 50ml

Molinari Cafe Mini 50ml

"Appreciated by the world’s most demanding coffee lovers, Molinari Caffè is a unique and harmonic blend of the most selected and premium espresso coffees, with an elegant touch of Molinari Extra.

Molinari Caffe is the uniquely satisfying dark Sambuca that gets its deep, rich colour from 100% Italian-roasted coffee beans, with no artificial colour or flavours.

Molinari Caffe is a natural extension of the Italian 'caffe corretto' tradition- where espresso is drunk with a shot of liqueur. It is proudly created today in the heart of Southern Italy, homeland of espresso tradition, with the exceptional quality that you expect from Molinari products."

36% Alc

Please note this a 50ml miniature bottle and bottle may differ from bottle pictured


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