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Isle Of Skye 8YO 350ml

Isle Of Skye 8YO 350ml

"Mellowed in Oak for 8 years
'Superstar whisky that gives us all reason to live’, (Jim Murray’s whisky bible).

Rich in distinctive island and mellow Speyside malts - matured in oak casks for 8 years.

15p from every bottle sold now goes to Scottish Mountain Rescue. A special UK edition of the 8 Year Old featuring a bespoke fundraising label has been launched to highlight the Mountain Spirit campaign. The label features a mountaineering image and a clear message that every bottle sold will help save lives.

Nose: Stunningly evocative. Deep peaty tones waft from the glass, like the reek from a crofter’s lum. But there is a lot more beyond: the grains intermingle deliciously with oaky, vanilla notes and something malty and even slightly honeyed. The stuff of dreams.

Palate: Sweet at first, and remarkably viscous. This seems to be the peat hanging around and there is intense barley sugar and spice. Massively flavoured. This creaminess continues for what seems hours.

Finish: Remains sweet, spicy and chewy and at the end faintly nutty.
The oak returns at the end.

Comments: The stuff of dreams. Jim Murray, Classic Blended Scotch"


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